The difference between a “blog” and an “Art Blog”

So I’ve learnt a lot about blogging whilst writing this. (or rather not writing in the past month or so) and I’ve decided on how I really want this to work.

I want my blog to be for me mainly. The content I create. The thoughts I have. Personal.

I want to present my work to people that appreciate it and follow what I do, whilst at the same time showcasing it to people that don’t follow what I do. Yet.

I want to write about what I’m interested in – and it turns out that what I’m interested in can usually be tied back to art. So I want to write about art basically.

I want it to be the centre for everything I do – a tie between my artwork, writing and everything else going on in my crazy life.

I want to follow people that I’m interested in and other artists and illustrators.

And you know what? WordPress doesn’t do that for me.

It feels like what I’ve got here is a “blog” and what I want is an “Art Blog”. And yes, there is a significant difference. This isn’t optimized for art and artists.

So I’m moving.
To Tumblr.

Check me out

I’m gonna be basically doing the same as on here and more over there, so if you’re interested – give me a follow!


Windows at night

It gets dark at about 5pm at this time of year.

Which is kind of rubbish.

It’s cold and dark and you’re out and it feels like you should be at home in the warm. And then you realise that it’s only six o clock. Great.

It means that you get caught out as the sun sets earlier than planned. You leave the lights on through the day as it’s grey out and it’s too dark when you turn them off.

Walking back I look up

I get glimpses as I walk by. Glimpses of your personal and sometimes private life. Nothing exciting – it never is, but it’s something.

It appeals to the “stalker” in me – although to call it that is too much.

Sat on the bus as I trundle along the damp road, there is a snapshot into your life.

And like that, it vanishes.

Finishing my posts

Basically, I suck at actually finishing these.
I haven’t written a blog post for a while. It’s not because I haven’t been feeling creative enough. I just.. Haven’t. I’ve had loads of ideas that just end up in the back of my head. Occasionally gaining traction and making it into my drafts folder only to be deleted after several days.
I think what I struggle with is actually finishing them.
The past few weeks, my schedule has been mental and I’ve had no idea when to sit down and stop working. I end up starting some on the bus and that’s as far as we get. I’m writing this on the bus.
We’ll see.
There’s more I want to do though. I feel like this blog can become more.
I don’t really know what this post is.
It’s not an apology, that’s for sure.
I think it’s a way I spurring me back into action. And I think it’s working.
We’ll see.

How do you play that tiny guitar

My sister made a blog post about learning the ukulele if you’re interested 🙂


Deciding to learn the ukulele was one of the best things I could have done with my time. It is a bit more interesting than a triangle but still easy to learn and play. It is one of my favourite methods of procrastination as well… so here are my methods and tips when learning how to play a ukulele

When learning the ukulele it’s best to start off with a cheap one so that you can tell whether it’s for you or not. That’s what I did and when I got the knack of it I invested in a better one. (Side note: cheap ones go out of tune quicker, and are hard to get exactly on the right note due to less quality)

The tuning of a ukulele is different to a guitar because it only has 4 strings rather than 6. Some people think that ukuleles and guitars…

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Are blocks of flats really that ugly?

Young Arnolfini

Everyone’s seen them. Look across the Bristol skyline and you’ll see several of them. Rising obtrusively from the ground.

Tower blocks.


Can you spot it? That ugly mass of concrete right in the centre of the image?

A lot of people dislike them. And understandably so. Built around the 1960’s their aim was to replace the crumbling 19th century buildings and those that were destroyed in the war. They were built to represent britain’s post-war success and in a Brutalistic style – a favourite of architects at the time. So because of that, they stand out as imposing blocks of concrete across the edge of cities.

At the time, they were loved at first. People loved the idea of living in the sky and enjoyed the views it provided! But these futuristic buildings quickly changed from being the images of a utopia, to images of a dystopia.

There were many problems…

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